Cloud-sourcing T.S. Eliot

What if poems are always floating around us, just waiting to be given form? What if poems exist—fully formed yet hidden from view—in the endless stream of thoughts, speculations, indiscretions, calls to #resist, and what-I-had-for-breakfast narratives shared by people over Twitter?

Twitwrit is a software project that takes an existing poem and reconstructs that same poem from tweets happening around the world in real-time. I think of it as a poetry-building machine: it uses the random thoughts of millions of people tapping on their phones—quite literally members of this twittering world, as T.S. Eliot aptly named our modern era of distraction—as its fuel.

Twitwrit is a project-in-process, written in Erlang and (vanilla) Javascript by sarah (who is fablednet on Twitter).